Hanex Solid Surface

 Solid Surface Countertop

Hanex Solid Surface is a premium acrylic countertop material that provides exceptional performance as well as flexible design possibilities. This countertop works well not only in kitchens but also in commercial applications due to the incredibly durable surface.


Hanex Solid Surface is stronger than stone, providing one of the most durable countertop materials in the market. Not only is it scratch resistant and difficult to break, but it is also resistant to staining, bacteria, heat, mold, chemicals, and other pollutants. Hanex countertops are a popular choice in healthcare and laboratory settings because it can be easily sanitized.

Hanex Solid Surface is resistant to bacteria, heat, mold, chemicals and pollutants. This makes it is a popular choice among those in healthcare and laboratory settings, because it can be used to create a workstation that is easily sanitized. Yet with numerous colors and rich textures, Hanex Solid Surface is also an attractive choice for the modern home. This combination of function and style makes it one of our preferred countertop choices.

Yet with numerous colors and rich textures, Hanex Solid Surface is also an attractive choice for the modern home. This combination of function and style makes it one of our preferred countertop choices, and a great choice for custom designs. Hanex Solid Surfaces can be bent and shaped during the fabrication process so it perfectly fits your space.

Surprising Affordability

In spite of all of these benefits, Hanex Solid Surface is one of the more affordable countertop options available. You can enjoy the durability, flexibility, and attractiveness of this countertop material all while staying within your budget.

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